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Winning Jesus' way

How do you define success or winning? I want to suggest our culture and society has a different definition of success and winning than Jesus. We are taught to be independent, to be “self-made” or to retire by 40 and travel the world or have multiple streams of income. What is one thing they all have in common? Self-reliance, self-preservation or self-sufficient. I believe the definition of a victorious life is the complete opposite. Is to have a profound reliance on Jesus in everything we do. It’s admitting you need Jesus and you allow Him to lead you. Is not just asking Him to bless something you already decided to do but to ask Him what He wants from you. It’s a faith-walk, one foot in front of the other, leaning on Him as much as we need. When we follow his footsteps, it doesn’t mean all of our problems will go away, and we won’t face any trials anymore. We’ll still mess up and make mistakes along the way. But He’ll use our mistakes to grow our faith and have a blessed victorious life through deepening our reliance on Jesus.