#Gospel Day 10 Into the Fire

January 06, 2021

The promise of a fresh start: it’s the driving force behind billions of dollars in advertising each year. From gym memberships to nicotine patches, closet organizers to coffee, we are constantly bombarded with products guaranteeing a reset. Why? Because we strongly desire to do what is right but consistently fall short of doing it. Thankfully, the Spirit of God has given us the ultimate reset, setting us free from the gospel of self and nudging us closer to full dependence on the Giver of Life.

Wow. It’s scary how the Gospel of self, willpower, determination can creep us on us at any time. This is the TRUE Gospel! Amen! I need to rehearse this every morning when I wake up - God I’m nothing with you, I can’t do anything apart from you, I need you today! I acknowledge you are the reason and the why behind everything that will happen today. The Gospel is not about do’s and don’ts, or spiritual checklist, a list of rules and keep the laws, the Gospel it’s about surrendering, depending on the Creator and Giver of Life!

Ryan Efendy Deeply flawed human, deeply loved by Jesus. Software Engineer at Microsoft. Basketball and coffee lover. Love God, love neighbor, yo — that's my motto.

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