#Gospel Day 8 The Difference

January 04, 2021

Death is the great equalizer. It comes to the rich and the poor alike. It has no regard for wealth, political power, or social standing. Even the greatest minds in history have succumbed to its inevitable dominion. But this is where the Gospel stands apart. The Gospel is the story of one Man who broke through the impenetrable, escaped the inescapable, and defeated the overwhelming power of the grave. That Man was God in human form: Jesus Christ. In His victory our hope is secured, the promise of everlasting life and a repaired relationship with our Creator.

The resurrection of Jesus - Jesus defeated death, the grave and He has the authority to forgive us, grant us eternal life and repair our relationship with our Creator. Our hope is in Jesus. He is our living hope. Thank you for your finish work on the cross.

Ryan Efendy Deeply flawed human, deeply loved by Jesus. Software Engineer at Microsoft. Basketball and coffee lover. Love God, love neighbor, yo — that's my motto.

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