#Gospel Day 1 CoffeeTalk

December 28, 2020

Sin is our failure to hit the mark of perfection.  No matter how noble a person’s actions are, no matter how much he or she works toward the greater good, no matter how spectacular his or her “coffee” is, nothing can eliminate the toxin of sin. Your skin color, social status, wealth, or popularity have no sway here. The playing field is leveled.  No one escapes the taint of sin. We are all infected. We desperately need a cure. The Gospel is the message we have all been waiting for.

The plainfield is levelled before the cross, no matter how hard we try to be good, how much we pray, read the bible, fast etc, no one is good, no one is righteous, but one - God. God is the only one that’s good. We’re all sinners, we’re all unrighteous and we’re all not good. THANK YOU JESUS - for the cross, for your finish work “it is finished”, for your performance, not mine, for the good news, the greatest news on the planet, the GOSPEL!!! 🙌🏼

Ryan Efendy Deeply flawed human, deeply loved by Jesus. Software Engineer at Microsoft. Basketball and coffee lover. Love God, love neighbor, yo — that's my motto.

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