Choose God first 🥇

May 04, 2020

Dear Lord,

Today, help me to find strength in You when I’m weary & feeling tired. Please help me to stop for a few minutes. Take a break from work or school, silent the phone, turn off the computer and tv and spend time with you! Even when my thoughts are racing to get on with the day, I know you will put those thoughts and worries aside for me. Help me to think about you and how much you love me more than anything that’s happening today. You know exactly what’s going to happen to my life today. I surrender this day to you as you will give me everything I need to go through the day. I don’t want to skimp my time with you. My work, my school, my friends will still be there when our time is through. Help me always to choose you first! Love ❤️ you, Jesus.

Ryan Efendy Deeply flawed human, deeply loved by Jesus. Software Engineer at Microsoft. Basketball and coffee lover. Love God, love neighbor, yo — that's my motto.

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